What is Cosmopolitics?

From Cosmopolitics we start to change Italy. A three-day national assembly to kick-start the constituent path of a new left-wing political force and to set out in a collective challenge with campaigns, initiatives, good practices, study participation tools and ideas to change Italy and Italy. ‘Europe.

How is this assembly born?

The course will begin on February 19/20/21 starting with the appeal launched on the web and the result of the comparison between people active in parties, movements, associations, parties and institutions, and addressed to the many and many who want to commit themselves to change this country. The call for the construction of a new political force, in a participated and democratic way, is open to those who have been committed for years as well as to those who, due to distrust, disappointment or lack of motivation, have not found the energy or places to work . Let’s start our journey, it’s time to leave.

Where does it take place?

The assembly will take place in Rome, at the EUR congress building, in Piazza John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1.

How is hospitality organized?

There are agreements with hotels. Find them here .

Can I host someone in Rome?

Are you from Rome? Make your home available, your sofa, a bed for guests, to help the participants of the assembly! Just write to cosmopolitica2016@gmail.com .

Who can participate?

The path “for a left of all and all” is open to all and everyone and is not the property of anyone. This is why we have set up an initiative that aims to unite people first.

Organized, associative and political realities can make themselves available to this journey, supporting it organizationally and facilitating its success. Anyone – regardless of personal paths, memberships, cards and stories – can participate if they recognize the objectives of the appeal “for the left of all and everyone” and if they want to contribute to turning them into reality. In this everyone must and can contribute: from deputies to ordinary citizens, from institutional representatives to activists, from those who have been fighting for years in a party to those who have never been enrolled in any collective subject are asked to get involved by making available their own skills, enthusiasm and desire to do.

How can I contribute to the discussion?

It will not be the usual assembly. It will be a public space, three days of work, discussion, study, and debate in which to share the beginning of a collective challenge. For this reason, the three-day program is built by putting in the center laboratories and thematic assemblies, which will be based on the contribution, experiences and ideas of each of the participants. You can individually or together with others contribute to the definition of the themes of the workshops through the calls or propose an intervention in the thematic sessions. There will be no time difference between the speakers participating in the course.

Do you have other questions? Write to us.

On many other questions, on the assembly and on the course, in the coming days we will publish more detailed answers. Write to us . Stay tuned.