For the alternative laboratories

On February 20th morning the alternative laboratories will take place in the assembly: there will be 24 workshops on 12 themes.

To facilitate the discussion and increase the space for interventions on each topic, parallel discussions will take place on the basis of common texts.

These texts will contain the ideas that we will collect in the last few days on the site: analyzes, ideas, experiences and good practices, proposals for initiatives and campaigns including possible bills already in the field (to be implemented, presented, supported …).

The objective of the workshops is to build the basis for a large collective alternative program, from which to start and on which to continue working on the territories and at national level.

On what topics, with which objectives? We will choose it together starting now! By February 5, write an email to and submit an individual or collective proposal for a laboratory. Write 500 maximum characters on the topic to be discussed, 300 on the objective of the discussion, possible speakers to be invited and proposed as a facilitator.

Similar proposals will be merged and 15 themes will be chosen, the proposed facilitators will be put in contact with each other to instruct the work and prepare the form from which the thematic discussion will start. Proposals can be made both individually and collectively.

From each laboratory will start a discussion, analysis and action process that will continue well beyond the three days of Cosmopolitics.

For thematic assemblies

On February 20th afternoon we will discuss in parallel assemblies on 4 themes:

democracy and the Constitution;
environment and ecological conversion;
school, university, research and knowledge;
inequalities, work and welfare.

Are you part of a network? Do you deal with these topics for work or study or simply for activism? Do you want to participate in one of the Saturday afternoon thematic sessions? Propose to intervene by telling your experience and your point of view the reasons. Proposals can be made both individually and collectively.

Mutual good practices

Do you want to tell an experience or make a proposal for mutualism and active solidarity? Propose an intervention in the assembly “mutualism, active solidarity, good practices: making society” that will take place on Saturday morning. Proposals can be made both individually and collectively.

Display a poster

During the three days, as happens in scientific conferences, it will be possible to present proposals, tell good practices and share experiences with all the participants of the assembly also through posters to be posted in the dedicated space. The poster that you can bring, can illustrate in the form of text and / or infographics proposals and contributions related to topics, territorial and institutional political experiences, good practices or completed projects. Proposals can be made both individually and collectively.

Write a contribution for the website.

On 19, 20, 21 February we begin a process of building a new political force of the left and of an alternative. What must he do battle with? On what topics, with which political culture, with what path? How to network the battles and claims of territories, movements and social organizations with the political program of the alternative? On the site we will publish all the contributions received and daily we will spread them on the social media channels of the assembly. Proposals can be made both individually and collectively.