of Altra Europa Marche

We have been engaged comrades for almost two years in the Altra Europa committees with Tsipras of the Marche, in carrying out the construction of an alternative political subject to the PD and able to counter the neoliberal policies that are devastating the lives of millions of people. In this period we have learned to work together without labels of political or party affiliation, making rich of what unites us and aware that our planning is a challenge to the dominant model.

We are no longer willing to wait and observe passively top-down decisions and indecision of a ruling class that does not show adequate levels of political direction, nor the slightest awareness of the risk of self-dissolution that the Italian left is experiencing and, above all, that seems to ignore the gravity of the social situation and the drastic decline of democracy in our country and on a more general scale.

For all these reasons, we consider irresponsible the decision to have dissolved the national table to start the construction of a unitary subject of the left and to have blown up the national assembly scheduled for January. We consider the ruling of the dissolution of parties and movements at the same table to be groundless, since we believe that a truly unitary and inclusive subject should be open to all forms of political action, cultures and identities existing in the anti-liberal field of the left, of the movements, of social conflict; we also think that it is possible to define the forms of a political, electoral and organizational “transfer of sovereignty” of the existing structures towards the new subject, aimed at building a growing consensus and an aggregation of forces sufficient to produce an alternative government proposal to the existing and capable of promoting mass campaigns, disputes and social action, and to arouse participation and leadership. We strongly believe in the need for a new subject inspired by solidarity and popular work and not by top negotiations between alleged “major states” that inevitably reproduce suspicions, resentments and hegemonic claims, which have already produced sufficient damage.

In our region the level of unity and trust among the forces that gave rise to the construction of Altra Europa with Tsipras first, then of Other Brands, is very advanced. We have spent months and months discussing, we have faced electoral competitions in a unified manner and, for all these reasons, we will not pronounce yet another appeal to the national “leaders” but we will proceed autonomously to the construction of a unitary regional subject. Let’s start from the territory, because the facts count more than the appeals and, we hope, can shake consciences and sweep away opportunisms and sectarianism. We think, in this regard, that the words of Antonio Gramsci were never more prophetic: “I am convinced that even when everything is or seems lost, we must calmly get back to work, starting over from the beginning”.

We do not intend to give birth to a “party”, another small party, let alone a regional one; we intend to set up a laboratory to build a force open to reality, associations and movements that, in the Marche, express different levels of criticism and proposal, to build a shared public space capable of making a daily political action rise. A construction site capable of mobilizing, on concrete battles, important and living pieces of society through practices of participation and mutualism.

We do not think in any way that our task ends with putting together existing party symbols, a necessary but not sufficient condition; and it cannot even be identified with the formation of a parliamentary group, which would be very useful if it were limited to an instrument of struggles, visibility and economic support in anticipation of the birth of a unitary other subject, which on the other hand would be harmful if it proclaimed itself the embryo of a new party, because it would reduce this objective to a sterile electoral maneuver.

The political subject we intend to construct must be perceived as useful by the citizens and must aim to reconstruct a significant social block through self-organization and the practice of conflict.

It is not a presumptuous challenge at national levels, but we have realized that the latest events have surpassed the measure and risk dispersing the unitary and trusted assets that we have managed to rebuild from the European elections onwards.

We agree with the substance of the national document “We Are Here, We Launch the Challenge” and consider it a common starting point; We reiterate, internationally, the placement in the European GUE – Left, rethinking a European dimension of our action, all the more necessary in the light of Greek events, where we have seen first hand the strength of capital and our inability to reverse course.

At the local and national level, coherently, we reiterate our autonomy and otherness to the PD, which we consider an organically liberal force, not only in national strategies, but also in the concrete political and administrative practices of the individual territories.

We want to do this work starting from our territory and reshaping the threads of all those relationships and experiences built over the last two years in the field of leftist, environmentalist, secular, libertarian forces, of those who struggle daily in the cities, in the workplace, in the institutions, neoliberal policies and its consequences.

The goal is to build conflict and develop a political and social alternative in the country and in Europe, setting ourselves as reliable interlocutors of all those movements and struggles close to us, from income to housing, from workers in difficulty to trade unions that they really care about their interests, from environmental movements to those in defense of common goods.

We therefore believe it is necessary to work immediately on the construction of unitary committees on the referendum against the Italicum and the cancellation of the Constitution established in 1948 by the Resistance, since in the spring the signatures will be collected on these questions, accompanied by others that will also touch the areas of the school , the environment and work.

It is also necessary, right from the start, to build a network of opposition to the liberal policies that the Marche Region is applying as a mere executor of the Renzi government. We believe that it is fundamental to act immediately with unitary initiatives that counteract the drastic cuts in healthcare (the closure of hospital facilities and birth points, the failure to apply 194), which address the environmental issue (NO TRIV, Biogas, Incinerators), which inform and clarify the issues related to SbloccaItalia, the new regional urban planning law and the new Home Plan, which address the labor issue, with particular attention to youth unemployment (opening branches against precariousness).

It is also necessary to organize the mobilization on the themes of peace and immigration, construct the mobilization against the Fiscal Compact and the balanced budget, fighting European ties with radical actions and proposals for disobedience or breach of the Treaties, and against international economic treaties such as the TTIP, which aim at the removal of workers’ rights, the exploitation without rules of environmental resources and the privatization of services.

It is hard and complicated but necessary work, we cannot and do not want to escape from it. We will participate in every appointment for the construction of the national political subject that immediately identifies the most effective tools to counter regional and national neoliberal policies and that we give the head a vote.

And we will try to bring the sense of our work and our experience to every place; we have no unrealistic presumption, but we no longer intend to wait or delegate.

We can build a great force that changes the dominant society and culture. Let’s do it.